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About Naharayim


crossing the border to Jordan “without a visa”, the visions and wonders of “The Old Man from Nahayaim“-Pinhas Rutenberg, the story of how the first electric company was built 80 years ago. “The Valley Train” and the “Bauhaus” train station.

“Kosher” and quality lunch

The Battle Heritage stories of the Jordan Valley- the war of independence. The    battle with the Syrian army, the story of the tank in Degania – a myth. The abandon of the kibbutzim Sha’ar Hagolan and Masada. The mass grave in the cemetery in Degania, where Arthur Rupin and A.D. Gordon are buried.

  The tour will take about two and a half hours. (Minimum of 40 participants)

The “Chagal” site – creating “green” electricity from organic materials, a modern facility as a continuation to Rothenberg’s electric company

About 20-25 m’.

Air-Conditioned Bus for 12 hours.

All activities can be guided by the best guides in the area.


We will be happy to entertain you.

Best regards

Ofer Levin – Manager


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